Episode 24: A Hot Time in the Old Town

Episode 24: A Hot Time in the Old Town

The heroes depart the Farbelow outpost and arrive safely in Oldhome. Their brief audience with the Queen turns into a reunion of old friends, and a new ally encourages them to continue their investigation into the Householder threat.

2 thoughts on “Episode 24: A Hot Time in the Old Town

  1. I just wanted to say, that even though I am fairly new to D&D, I am absolutely loving listening to this podcast. I have been listening to the first campaign of Critical Role, on youtube, and I honestly prefer listening to you guys. Your characters are well thought out, and you seem to play them genuinely, but do leave room for character development. The DM has a very interesting quest prepared, with many details, and side quests. I like the pace, and the overall relaxed vibe. I have also learned a few things, which has helped me become a better player!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Sarah! We are amazed to hear this kind of feedback. As fans of Critical Role ourselves, it’s hard to believe that someone out there would think that highly of our adventure! Keep listening and keep playing, and for whatever it’s worth, thank you again for the wonderful encouragement!

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