Episode 54: Bad Things Will Happen

Episode 54: Bad Things Will Happen

Our heroes navigate the winding corridors of the enemy-occupied citadel in a desperate effort to rescue Thora’s sister who is locked away in the heavily defended central tower.

5 thoughts on “Episode 54: Bad Things Will Happen

  1. I have to say, it was very disappointing to listen to the conclusion of this podcast. I felt as if the players were railroaded into this by the way the NPC, Redthorn, was played. It felt heavy handed and vindictive.

    I am saddened for the conclusion for the characters, players and myself as a listener.

    I think if you wanted to end the podcast Jerry, you should have done it in a more respectful fashion. I am disappointed in your behavior.

    1. Jerry, thank you for your response. I just listened to episode 57 and heard your response to my comment. It is interesting how enthralled I and I am sure other listeners are in this adventure. That is a great credit to you and the players.

      I do still feel my comments earlier were real and reflected my feelings, but I am very happy the adventure has continued onward. Thanks, Jeremy

  2. I truly don’t understand why people are/were furious. If it had ended this way, then so be it. TPKs are a part of D&D. I mean come on, They were inside the ENEMY’s FORTRESS! Jerry, don’t you apologize for anything, its your story, weave it as you see fit!

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