The Players

The Players

Season Two Party

Portrait of Brokkos Brokkos

The Shifter druid Brokkos is a young, and sometimes volatile companion. His skills make him a remarkably resourceful member of the season two party.


Portrait of Tris Tris

The ferocious Tiefling fighter named Tris honed her skills in the Mad King’s legions. Her sudden dismissal from their ranks brought her back to the city of her birth, Vadrogan.


Portrait of Kragar Kragar

The Bugbear rogue Kragar cuts and imposing figure, but his striking size belies his stealth and cunning. His work with the Nightrovers reunited him with his childhood friend, Tris.


Portrait of Élar Élar

The flashy Half-Elf bard named Élar has grand dreams. His elusive quest for fame and fortune has led him to the vicious streets of Vadrogan.


Season One Party

Illustration of AlaronAlaron

Raised by clerics of the trickster god, Ylo, Alaron’s tragic past is masked by his devotion to the lord of lies. With this divine support and a devious mind shaped by decades of duplicity and mischief, Alaron is determined to unravel the mysteries of his elven heritage while spreading Ylo’s impish ways far and wide.


Illustration of BjornBjorn

Abandoned on the ancient streets of Oldhome, Bjorn struggled to survive in an environment dominated by children twice his size. Eventually he found solace in the forested lands surrounding the city, where he met his mentor, a surly Dwarf named Ansel. Under Ansel’s stern tutelage, Bjorn learned the ways of the Verdant League, the secretive protectors of the wilderness, but Ansel’s untimely death has left Bjorn angry and alone once again.


Illustration of Kul-ShowKul-Sho

Torn from the dead hands of his murdered mother and forced to watch his village burn, Kul-Sho endured the incredible hardships of enslavement and earned the grudging respect of Khargol, the brutal warchief of the Iron Eye Orcs. After killing his captor’s envious eldest son, Kul-Sho retrieved his father’s sword and fled into the savage borderlands. Now, as he tries to make his way in the civilized world, he must struggle to control the barbarous instincts that have kept him alive.


Illustration of ThoraThora

Raised on an idyllic farmstead nestled in the rolling hills outside of Stellbrook, Thora wanted for nothing. Her loving parents doted on their beautiful daughters, and life was a seemingly endless stream of blissful days. That is, until Thora’s younger–and some say, fey-touched–sister vanished mysteriously. Now, a lost sibling, strange visions, and family secrets conspire to turn Thora’s once serene existence upside down.