The World

The World


The Dungeon Patrol campaign is set in the custom world of Athulas, a land slowly recovering from a dragon-wrought cataclysm that brought centuries of devastation before inexplicably and suddenly ending.  More than 1,000 years after this so-called “blasted age”, new kingdoms have risen to rival the old, but fresh conflicts threaten to once again set the world aflame. Season one focuses on one small corner of Athulas, the kingdom of Ashmoor.

Ashmoor is a vibrant and diverse kingdom that has long been the target of their much larger neighbor, Drumondor. The Ashmoorians have managed to repel several major invasions over the past 500 years, thanks largely to formidable mountains, an effective navy, and strong alliances with neighboring Elves and Dwarves.

Our campaign picks up after the treacherous Duke Hamlon of Scornsby murders the ruling Thurin family and takes control of the capital. As Scornsby attempts to secure his hold on the kingdom, the only surviving member of the Thurin family, young Delthea, begins to rally loyal subjects to her banner. With the kingdom split and on the verge of civil war, our troubled heroes find themselves embroiled in an ever-deepening mystery that will ultimately lead them to glory, or the grave.

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